Amel Mahfouf
Amel Mahfouf - Creative / Photographer


Rendezview is an analog visual experimentation about traveling.

It was born from a simple thought: Today, traveling has never been easier. And of course, more travelers means more stories to tell. Through social medias, and all the images that comes to us, we realize that we already know what the world looks like, even before visiting it. To me traveling remains one of the most exciting experiences, but I was missing the thrill of the discovery.  

As a photographer, I dreaded taking the same pictures as everyone else (such as the traditional ‘trying to straighten the leaning Tower of Pisa’ picture…). Therefore, being influenced by other peoples visions was a concern to me. But as a traveler, I know that the best way to discover new places is thanks to tips from friends or strangers, before or during the trip.

Rendezview is a quest for new images and an attempt to recover the surprising aspect of traveling, to see things you would not be able to imagine when first landing somewhere, but keep a collaborative approach to traveling.

The principle is simple: I gave travelers a film camera and 35mm roll to use once arrived, and asked them to shoot whatever caught their attention. I got the camera and film back and took them with me on a trip to the cities they visited, and reloaded the film once again in the camera before processing it, and took pictures of what was interesting to me, without having a clue about what has been shot beforehand.

Nobody could predict the result, and the images I obtained through this process were truly surprising. A fortuitous ‘Rendez-vous’ between two visions, creating a brand new, unique and random one.